Dr. Bill is planning to leave a legacy to grieving people around the world, and we would like to seek your support in this ambitious venture.

His “Grief Journey” model of community support has been utilized in many communities in Canada and in the UK, where in July 2019, Bill was recognized for his “exceptional positive impact on society” by being awarded the British Citizen’s Medal (BCA) in Westminster Palace in London, England.

Dr. Bill is embarking on a project entitled “When Life Changes” which will offer his 6-8 week grief support program on-line. The programme will include 8 weekly video sections and include facilitator and participant guides. This will enable even more grieving people around the world to receive the help and encouragement he has brought to so many after their own bereavement.

Bill sees this programme as his legacy, but also wants to dedicate it in memory of his own son, Steve, who died tragically in 2018.

The video shoot, editing, building of the website, as well as the production of manuals and guides, will incur a cost of around $25,000.

Dr. Bill’s friends have organized a GoFundMe:

Have YOU been helped by Dr. Bill’s programme or his books, videos or other resources? Would you like to help Dr. Bill reach out to even more grieving people with a programme of education and encouragement that will be a valuable source of comfort and practical assistance.

We are hoping that we can find 1000 people to donate $25 towards the expenses of this ambitious project.

For any individuals \ willing to make a personal (non-commercial) donations of $250 or more, acknowledgement of the donor /or their loved one will be made on the website if desired.

Dr. Bill’s vision is to offer this resource at NO COST to grieving people. Concerned that many people are unable to access support resources by the increasing unaffordablility of grief counseling these days, he would like to leave a legacy of philanthropic assistance to everyone without financial burden.

Every single penny raised on this GoFund Me appeal will be utilized and produce the videos and on the development and production of support materials. Dr. Bill will not profit personally in ANY way from these donations, and his own time and effort in this project is being donated at no cost.

Bill believes that this project gives him the opportunity to give something back, when he himself has received so much support from so many through his own personal losses.