Why are the Holidays so difficult for Grieving People? There may be several reasons. Christmas is a time of celebration. These memories can be difficult as we remember better days and compare them to THIS Christmas. Holidays are usuall a time to look to the future, but now future is difficult … unimaginable … and uncertainty always creates fear. So we are apprehensive about what we have to confront. We may even feel guilty about enjoying ourselves, as if this would bedisrespectful to the memory of the person who has died. But we need to balance grieving what we have lost and appreciating what (and who) we still have.

1. Recognize that this Christmas is different

2. Decide what YOU want to do.

3. Plan Ahead. Avoid “should’s and oughts.

4. Re-examine your priorities.

5. Make the Changes you think are best

6. Take Responsibility for your own Happiness

Act rather than react

7. Stay in touch with your Feelings

Be honest about your feelings.

8. Don’t be afraid to Relive your Memories

9. Acknowledge your loved one’s presence

10. Create a Special Tribute

11. Look after Yourself

Be compassionate with yourself about not being perfect.

12. Ask for and Accept Help

Balance Solitude and Sociability

13. Set Differences Aside

14. Learn to Say “No”

15. Don’t Abandon Healthy habits

16. Take a Break from things

17. Try to find Something Positive in your Life

How can you turn your loss into something positive.

18. Take Care of Children

19. Create a Special Tribute to the Person

20. Try to make Others happy

21. Face the Future with Hope

22. Remember, there will be OTHER Christmas’s.

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