About the Centre for the Grief Journey

Dr Bill Webster is passionately committed to assisting others on the difficult grief journey.

It was out of a desire to bring some comfort, direction and hope to grieving people in circumstances similar to his own that Bill, some 5 years after his own loss, began to offer community grief support programs. Bill has developed his grief support program to a highly effective and widely recognized resource for people after a significant loss.

The Centre for the Grief Journey was established in 1992 to assist and support people in a grieving process after a significant loss and to provide meaningful resources and helps.

The Grief Journey approach combines education, empathy and encouragement as part of a comprehensive package of methods and materials. Because there is so little understanding of grief and loss in our “death denying culture”, people often fear they are “losing it”, or “going crazy”. When they understand that grief is a natural, albeit difficult, experience, this fact can free the person to explore their reactions and feelings by giving them “permission” to grieve.

Dr Webster has also written a series of books and DVD’s which address many relevant issues in an “easy to read, easy to understand” format which grieving people find effective and helpful.

Today, Dr Bill, as he likes people to call him, travels around North America and Europe to speak to professional people offering seminars in a wide range of motivational and grief related topics, as well as providing talks to grieving people themselves.

There is no “cookie cutter” approach to grief, and no “magic want” to instantly “fix “ things. But over the past 25 years, we have been told many times that our programmes have “made a difference” and we are content with that.


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