Are you still engaged, or have you broken off the engagement?

I am not referring to anyone’s marital status here, so let me explain.

On my recent visit to the UK, I took the train from my home town in Scotland to London. I was looking forward to enjoying the scenery along the journey, eagerly looking out to see the famous Carnoustie golf course, the magnificent Edinburgh castle, the Angel of the North in Newcastle, and many other highlights along the way.

Across the table from me was a young chap, early twenties or whatever. He was totally engrossed in his mobile phone, texting and checking stuff out from the time he got on the train till the time he got off. He didn’t glance up or see a single thing along the journey, didn’t say a solitary word to me or anyone else … his whole attention was focussed on his phone.

I thought “What a shame!”  He missed out on SO MUCH that was there to be enjoyed on the journey. I couldn’t help reflect on the statement, quoted by Captain Jack Sparrow, “It’s not the destination so much as the journey.”