Dr Bill’s Legacy – New Grief Journey Resources

Dr. Bill is planning to leave a legacy to grieving people around the world, and we would like to seek your support in this ambitious venture. His “Grief Journey” model of community support has been utilized in many communities in Canada and in the UK, where in July 2019, Bill was recognized for his “exceptional […]

Thoughts and Prayers

When we are grieving, it is good to know that someone is thinking of you and even praying for you. But sadly, these good sentiments are often conveyed in an idiom that has become somewhat hackneyed. I’m referring to the oft used expression, “Thoughts and Prayers.” This phrase has been popularized recently by politicians and […]

Tragedy Strikes Canadian Hockey Team

Losing a child is every parent’s worst nightmare. That nightmare became a reality on a dark highway in rural Saskatchewan when the charter bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey players, coaches and team officials was involved in a horrendous accident. Of 29 people onboard the bus, 15 died: 10 players, 2 coaches, an intern, […]

Success or Significance

  I’ve been to a few funerals lately. As I listen to eulogies, celebrating the person’s life, I am realizing that there are really two kinds of tributes. There are the grandiose inventories of success, achievement in business, acquisition in the material world, or accomplishment in the pursuit of status. Then there are the simpler […]

The Power of STORY

When I was a kid, I used to love when my mother would read my sister and I stories. How these tales captured my imagination. I would sometimes picture myself in that story, usually as the hero, of course.   But there were other more personal, real life stories that I remember as part of […]

Exciting News: My New E-BOOK

I am happy to announce that my first E-BOOK, “First you Hurt, Then you Heal”, is now available at my website bookstore at http://griefjourney.com/product/first-you-hurt-then-you-heal-ebook-pdf at a special introductory price. In the book, I  outline a road map for the grief journey in a series of articles that take us through the process . We begin with a […]

I’m Blogging … And Didn’t Even Know It!

Someone asked me about doing a BLOG. As you know I have been posting articles and news recently as I stumble along the path of social media in order to more effectively communicate with grieving people. The best way to describe how I feel about this transition is to say … “I am moving through […]

Through a Year of Mourning

I have never been one to back away from a challenge. That hasn’t always worked out as well as I hoped, but I have never regarded anything as a failure … just as an opportunity to learn something that doesn’t work. John Wooden, the famed basketball coach said, “Success is the sense of satisfaction that […]