I finally realize that I have to give in.

No! I didn’t say I give UP!!

I give in to the fact that websites, communication and aftercare has changed, and one major way that we can be more effective these days is by utilizing social media. I know I have been a bit of a dinosaur in this area, but I spent the day today with my friend and colleague Sean, who has lit a fire under and within me.

Watch out world! We are about to enter a new phase in the life of Grief Journey. We will be offering regular FREE live webcasts and grief support sessions with Dr Bill in the coming months. These will be offered at times conducive to people in the UK as well as in North America, and we will post the times on our site. Watch out for our new Facebook page at Grief Journey. (The Among Friends page will still be a closed group allow everyone to share opinions and challenges, but this will be a new page open to all. )

We hope that you will let people know about this new aftercare initiative and encourage then to join us. Watch this space for information. Meanwhile, do check out our website at www.griefjourney.com and in the UK at www.griefjourney.co.uk

Now, how do I turn on this darn computer to get started???