Canadians join with Londoners after the senseless attacks on London Bridge last Saturday. And it’s personal … because one of our own was killed along with those who died and were injured in the terrorist attack. Christine Archibald was 30 years old from a beautiful place in British Columbia called Castlegar. So the events on London Bridge are not being seen by Canadians as “mere spectators” but as people who feel keenly the death of someone who could have been the daughter of any one of us.

Her family wrote a heartfelt tribute to their lovely daughter, and ended with these words:

“Please honour her by making your community a better place. Volunteer your time and labour or donate to a homeless shelter. Tell them Chrissy sent you.”

People around the world on social media doing just that, honouring her memory by reaching out to shelters, community groups and food banks offering donations and volunteer hours, spurred on by the words the Archibald family used in their inspiring tribute. See what is happening at hashtag #ChrissySentMe

Maybe that is how we begin to counter evil, by doing good. While nothing we do will make up for the tragedy of lost and injured people, if something positive can come out of something so malicious, then the terrorists don’t win. Good wins, decency wins, virtue wins. WE win. And that is a start.