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Mistakes: From Denial to Acceptance

Mistakes: From Denial to Acceptance Let me make a confession! I recently attended a funeral where Frank Sinatra’s song “My Way” was played. It came to the part, “Regrets, I’ve had a few, But then again, too few to mention … And more, much, much more that this, I did

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Attitudes towards Grief and Grievers

Attitudes towards Grief and Grievers Attitude is a little thing that makes a huge difference. Death, loss, and grief are universal experiences that touch everyone, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or gender. But the beliefs, attitudes, and opinions that are held and expressed about these topics are not unanimous. Long

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For the Grieving Person

Dr. Bill Webster knows about grief not just in theory, but also from experience. He knows first-hand the pain of losing someone special. Bill lost his young wife when they were both in their thirties. He struggled to come to terms with his loss as well as with the task of being a single parent to his two sons, who were only 9 and 7 when their mother died.

There were times in the months that followed that Bill wondered if he was losing his mind; at the very least, he felt he wasn’t living up to the expectations of those who said he should “pull yourself together,” or who suggested that “it’s been 3 months … you should be over it by now.”  But he soon discovered that he was in fact experiencing grief.

It was because he and others did not understand the process that Bill decided to begin assisting others deal with this most difficult and often misunderstood experience of life. Through his years as a grief counsellor, he has produced numerous books and videos. Below you will find links to various resources available to you and every grieving person as they make their way along their grief journey.

Man comforting a grieving friend.

When you are Grieving

There are times in life when you realize that words are just not enough. When seeking to comfort an individual who has lost a loved one, nothing we say or do ever seems sufficient and we are left feeling so inadequate. premium resource ad.

Premium Resources

During his career, Dr. Bill has generated a wealth of support resources for grieving persons and professionals alike. Browse our online store for books, ebooks and downloadable video content exclusive to

Professionals learning grief counseling .

For Professionals & Caregivers

Dr Bill Webster has been involved in grief support and counselling for over 30 years. He has written extensively for professionals and caregivers in the field, and shares from his library.