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The Centre for the Grief Journey offers a variety of resources to grieving people, whether after a bereavement or in the midst of a life threatening situation.

We offer an array of resources utilizing a variety of media. You can choose whether to read a book or article; to watch a video;  or to interact with others on our Among Friends group on Facebook.

We also provide practical and resources to people who want to help people in a situation of loss, whether family and friends, colleagues in the workplace , or professional caregivers like counsellors or clergy, hospitals or hospice, human resources or community support agencies, funeral directors or businesses who have an investment in caring for people in a grief situation.

Our educational programmes offer resources to people who assist grieving people, either in the workplace of in their own community. We can provide many tools to assist people, whether simply by sending materials, or by offering comprehensive practical training for those who want to organize and facilitate grief support in their community or organization.

We believe provides the most comprehensive grief support programme available today. But we are not satisfied. We intend to add NEW material often and to offer new resources to address the issues that grieving people raise with us. 

So visit us often for new grief support content.

Meet Dr. Bill Webster

I came to my work as a grief counsellor after my wife died in 1983. For all these years I supported many people in my community grief programmes,  and as an author and a public speaker became recognized as something of an expert in the field.



Dr Bill Webster, well known grief counselor and author, has written a series of 12 blogs entitled “Life in Challenging Times”, in which he talks about Grief, Emotions and Coping Strategies for people struggling with many losses during the current pandemic.

When Life Changes

When Life Changes This aggressive pandemic we are experiencing threatens the entire world with the loss of so many things we care about and that

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Understanding Grief

Understanding Grief Every time we experience a loss, we grieve what is missing from our lives as a result. Death, as we have said, is

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Facts Versus Feelings

Facts vs Feelings In our modern culture, we tend to handle facts better than feelings. Confronted by any crisis or tragedy, people try to cope

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Guilt and Blame  

Guilt and Blame Some of the most common but troublesome components of the grief process are guilt, anger and blame. While we will deal with

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