Meet Dr. Bill Dr Bill Webster is someone who knows about grief, not just in theory, but from a very difficult personal experience. Executive Director,
The Centre for the Grief Journey

In 1983, Bill’s young wife, Carolyn, died very suddenly, leaving him to cope with his loss, and to care for their 2 boys, then only 9 and 7.


At first, Bill seemed to be doing well, and many commended him that he appeared “so strong”, and “doing so well” at the time of the death. But that apparent strength was, in fact, numbness, and three months after his wife’s death, when the shock of her sudden death wore off, Bill felt like he was falling apart.

That was probably the worst time of my whole life.” writes Dr Webster. “Three months after Carolyn died, I felt a thousand times worse than I had at the actual moment. And the worst thing was that people’s expectations seemed to that, by now, after three whole months, I should be ‘getting over it’. What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I ‘pull myself together’?”

Nobody told me that this was grief. Nobody told me what to expect, so the entire process caught me completely by surprise. What I would have given for someone to say that, while it was possibly the most difficult time of my life, that grief is a natural human experience, and reassure me that I was normal.”

In the years since his wife died, Bill has had the privilege of helping many people going through their own grief journey. They have told him that what helped was not only that he knew something about grief, but that he had “been there” himself.

People today, especially in their most difficult moments, want a relationship with someone they can trust, and who has an understanding of their situation. It is the hope of Dr Bill Webster and everyone at that the information we provide and the services we offer are practical and useful. But even more, our concern is for people, and we want to provide all our people meaningful support, not just sell books or products, however helpful.

Today, Dr Bill Webster is a grief counsellor, author, TV host and increasingly well known international speaker. He brings a unique blend of personal experience, academic education and many years of practical application to his work. Acknowledged as a dynamic, personable and practical communicator, Dr. Bill Webster combines his own story with his knowledge and sense of humour to effectively communicate his message.

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Dr. Bill's Story

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The day after Aileen died, Bill Webster told me, 'You WILL get over this'. I didn't know HOW to believe him, but, 4 months later, I am starting to live again.


When my husband died, my world ended. But I've discovered it IS possible to rebuild.