Helping a Grieving Person

There are times in life when you realize that words are just not enough. When seeking to comfort an individual who has lost a loved one, nothing we say or do ever seems sufficient and we are left feeling so inadequate.

As a result, we tend to back away because the situation makes US feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, this leaves the person in the midst of the situation feeling that nobody cares. 

People do care! But they often don’t know what to do or to say. And, more than anything, they don’t want to make a mistake and risk making the person more upset. We need to realize that the ONLY mistake we can make is doing and saying nothing, because the person struggling with the crisis as a result often feels abandoned.

This section of the website offers you some useful suggestions and ideas of practical help. We all need to know what we can do in situations that sadly we cannot FIX. These resources will enable you to make a difference for people going through one of the most difficult experiences of life.

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Grief Matters: How to Help a Grieving Person